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Keeping Families Strong (KFS)

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Project Description

Keeping Families Strong (KFS) is a family-based resilience-centered intervention, for families with a parent suffering from depression. A multi-family group program, the parent group includes parents with depression and other caregivers (e.g., spouse, grandparent), and the youth group includes all of the parents’ children aged 10 to 16 years old. Parents and children learn in a twelve session parallel learning process how depression may be contributing to the problems in their families and provides and understanding of how families can work together to change and improve their well-being. The groups are participant-driven, emphasizing self-reflection and awareness.

The goal of KFS is to promote recovery from the effects of depression and to set in place the mechanisms that foster resilience in the family unit as well as in the children and other family members. It is not the parent’s depression per se that influences children’s development but the interplay of risk and protective factors that shape coping, understanding, behavior, and connectedness. KFS uses the mothers growth in treatment for her depression as a springboard for growth with the communication, parenting, coping and interpersonal skills within the entire family. The youth group focuses on how to hopefully reduce emotional and behavioral problems as children process through their mother’s depression.

Dr. Valdez took an active role in developing KFS and first-authored the development of the parent manual to accompany the intervention. In her post-doctoral work, she was the clinical director of KFS and evaluated its usefulness in conjunction with individual treatment in mental health clinics. She is has created an adaptation of the intervention to best serve Latino families, Fortalezas Familiares, that was piloted between 2010-2012.

Click here for more information about Fortalezas Familiares.


Valdez, C. R., Mills, C., Barrueco, S., Leis, J. , & Riley, A. (2011). A pilot study of a family-focused intervention for children and families affected by maternal depression. Journal of Family Therapy, 33, 3-19.

Riley, A., Valdez, C. R., Barrueco, S., & Mills, C. (2008). The development of a family-based program to promote resilience among children of depressed parents: A theoretical and conceptual approach. Journal of Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 11, 12-29. 

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