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Main Office

Department of
Counseling Psychology

School of Education
335 Education Building
1000 Bascom Mall
MadisonWI  53706-1326

Tel: 608/262-4807
Fax: 608/265-4174

Email: counpsych@education.wisc.edu
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Carmen Valdez

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Carmen Valdez

Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology (CP)

301 Education Building  binoculars icon
1000 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1326
Office: 608/263-4493


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Biography

I am a licensed professional psychologist with a primary affiliation to the Department of Counseling Psychology. I am also an affiliate of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and the UW Institute for Cinical and Translational Research. Among my professional achievements is serving as committee member and Chair on the American Psychological Association's Committee on Children, Youth and Families (2013-2015), under the auspices of the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest. Also in 2013, I was appointed to be an inaugural investigator of the Collaborative Center for Health Equity (CCHE), at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Within that role in CCHE, I am the faculty director of the Advancing Health Equity and Diversity (AHEAD) program, aimed at providing networking, mentoring, and access to shared resources to early career scholars and investigators in health disparities research (http://cche.wisc.edu/creating-future-leaders/ahead/).

Teaching Interests

I am interested in teaching courses that are applied and focus on clinical and diversity topics. At the master's level I have taught psychopathology, community counseling, community practicum, family psychology, human development, and multicultural psychology. At the doctoral level, I have taught developmental psychopathology, group psychotherapy, research practicum, clinical practicum, and advanced social psychology.

Scheduled Teaching

  • Fall 2013 - Csnlg Psych Tech-Families
    Course Prefix: 270, Course Number: 825, Section: 001, Minimum Credit Hours: 3, Maximum Credit Hours: 3, Course Level: Graduate

Research Interests

My research is on the impact of family stress and sociocultural context on Latino children’s academic, social, and emotional functioning. First, I was a co-Investigator on an NICHD-funded project examining the effects of building parents' social capital on Latino children’s socioemotional and academic functioning in Texas and Arizona. As part of this project, I developed a special interest in the role of anti-immigration climate in Arizona on children’s life course development. I am currently conducting a qualitative case study of a few of the families from the original Arizona sample, with a direct focus on anti-immigration climate. My second line of research entails developing community-based, family-focused interventions for Latino immigrant families experiencing stress. Prior to my position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I co-developed the Keeping Families Strong program for low-income families affected by maternal depression. At UW, I conducted a linguistic and cultural adaptation of KFS for Latino immigrant families, called “Fortalezas Familiares” (Family Strengths). I have piloted the intervention with families in the community, am currently working on developing a training protocol for the intervention, and am preparing to deliver the intervention in elementary schools.


  • Valdez, C.R., Ramirez Stege, A., Martínez, E., D'Costa, S., & Chavez, T. (2017). A community-responsive adaptation to reach and engage Latino families affected by maternal depression. Family Process. 57(2), 539-556.
    Online Publication/Abstract
  • Valdez, C.R., Lewis Valentine, J., & Padilla, B. (2013). "Why We Stay": Immigrants' motivations for remainin in communities impacted by anti-immigration policy. Special Issue on Immigration. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. 19(3), 279-287.
  • Valdez, C.R., Padilla, B., & Lewis Valentine, J. (2013). Consequences of immigration policy on social capital among Mexican mothers with unauthorized immigration status. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.
  • Valdez, C.R., Chavez, T., & Woulfe, J. (2013). Emerging adults’ formative lived experience of family stress: The enduring influence of the family. Qualitative Health Research.
  • Valdez, C.R., Padilla, B., McArdell Moore, S., & Magana, S. (2013). Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes of the Fortalezas Familiares intervention for Latino families facing maternal depression. Family Process. 52(3), 394–410.
  • Valdez, C.R., Abegglen, J., & Hauser, C. (2013). Fortalezas Familiares Program: Building sociocultural and family strengths among Latina women with depression and their families. Family Process.
  • Valdez, C.R., Shewakramani, V., Goldberg, S., & Padilla, B. (2013). Parenting influences on Latino children’s social competence in the first grade: Parental depression and parent involvement at home and school. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.
  • Valdez, C.R., Mills, M., Bohlig, A., & Kaplan, D. (2013). The role of parental language acculturation in the formation of social capital: Differential effects on high-risk children. Child Psychiatry and Human Development. 44(2), 334-350.
  • Valdez, C.R., & Budge, S. (2012). Addressing youth depression in schools: Evaluation of an in-service training for school staff. International Journal of Educational Psychology.
  • Valdez, C.R., Mills, C., Barrueco, S., Leis, J., & Riley, A.W. (2011). A pilot study of a family-focused intervention for children and families affected by maternal depression. Journal of Family Therapy.
  • Valdez, C.R., Lambert, S., & Ialongo, N. (2011). Identifying patterns of early risk for mental health and academic problems in adolescence: A longitudinal study of urban youth. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.
  • Valdez, C.R., Dvorscek, M., Bluemner, J., Budge, S., & Esmond, S. (2011). Provider perspectives about Latino patients: Determinants of care and implications for treatment. The Counseling Psychologist.
  • Brown, J., Riley, A., Leaf, P., & Valdez, C.R. (2008). Academic achievement and school functioning among non-incarcerated youth involved with the juvenile justice system. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk. 13(1), 59-75.
  • Riley, A.W., Valdez, C.R., Mills, S., Barrueco, C., Beardslee, W., Sandler, I., & Rawal, P. (2008). The development of a family-based program to promote resilience among children of depressed parents: A theoretical and conceptual approach. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review. 11(1-2), 12-29.
  • Valdez, C.R., Carlson, C., & Zanger, D. (2005). Evidence-based parent training and family interventions for school behavior change. School Psychology Quarterly. 20(4), 403-433.
  • Stark, K.D., Hoke, J., Ballatore, M., Valdez, C.R., Scammaca, N., & Griffin, J. (2005). Treatment of child and adolescent depressive disorders. In E. D. Hibbs, & P. S. Jensen (Eds.), Psychosocial Treatments for Child and Adolescent Disorders: Empirically Based Strategies for Clinical Practice, (pp. 239-266). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.
  • Rude, S.S., Valdez, C.R., Odom, S., & Ibrahimi, A. (2003). Negative cognitive biases predict depression. Cognitive Therapy and Research. 27(4), 415-429.
  • Holliday, S., Navarrete, G., Hermosillo, D., Valdez, C.R., Saklad, A., Escalante, A., & Brey, R. (2003). Validating a computer-administered neuropsychological test battery for mixed ethnic Lupus patients. Lupus. 12(9), 697-703.
  • Christenson, S., Carlson, C., & Valdez, C.R. (2002). Evidence-based interventions: Opportunities, challenges, and cautions. School Psychology Quarterly. 17(4), 466-474.
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  • Stark, K.D., Ballatore, M., Hamff, A., Valdez, C.R., & Selvig, L. (2001). Childhood depression. In H. Orvaschel, J. Faust, & M. Hersen (Eds.), Handbook of Conceptualization and Treatment of Child Psychopathology, (pp. 107-132). Pergamon Press.


  • Valdez, C.R. (2013). A family approach to reducing immigration and acculturative stress among Latino families and youth. In A. Polo (Chair), Best practices to reducing immigration and acculturative stress among youth., the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, APA, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Valdez, C.R., & Goldberg, S. (2013). Depression and parental involvement in children’s contexts: Direct and indirect effects on children’s social competence, biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, SRCD, Seattle, Washington.
  • Valdez, C.R. (2013). Does household size and composition matter for Latino parents’ mental health and children’s development?, biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, SRCD, Seattle, Washington.
  • Valdez, C.R. (2012). Adapting a family-focused program to Latino families facing maternal depression: Rationale, procedures, and outcomes of the Fortalezas Familiares Program, Adapting Interventions for Diverse Ethnocultural Families, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.
  • Valdez, C.R., & Padilla, B. (2011). Disruptions from anti-immigration laws and climate on the social capital of documented and undocumented families in Arizona and Texas, Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Washington DC.

Departmental Service

  • Masters Training Chair
    Dates of Membership: 2013 - Pres.
  • Committee Chair.

  • Faculty Search Committee
    Dates of Membership: 2007 - 2008
  • Committee Member.

  • Masters Program Committee
    Dates of Membership: 2006 - Pres.
  • Committee Member.

  • Salary and Promotion Committee
    Dates of Membership: 2006 - 2011
  • Committee Member.

  • Masters Community Track Coordinator
    Dates of Membership: 2006 - 2009
  • Coordinator.

School Service

  • SBS/Education IRB Committee
    Dates of Membership: 2013 - 2014
    Accomplishments: Review and approve research protocols.
  • Member. Period of Service: 2013 - 2014

  • Equity and Diversity
    Dates of Membership: 2011 - 2011
    Accomplishments: Addresses issues related to faculty and student diversity and disseminates knowledge of diversity to School of Education. Develops awards for students and faculty engaged in diversity research or practice.
  • Member.

  • Programs Committee
    Dates of Membership: 2007 - Pres.
    Accomplishments: Review courses and programs that are new or revised for the School of Education.
  • Member. Period of Service: 2007 - Pres.

  • University Outreach
    Dates of Membership: 2006 - 2007
    Accomplishments: Increase outreach through programs to non-enrolled students.
  • Member.

Public Service

  • APA Committee on Children, Youth and Families (CYF)
    Dates of Membership: Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2015
    Accomplishments: Committee charged with conducting and disseminating projects advancing mental health of children, youth, and families. It reports through the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest to the Board of Directors and Council of Representatives.
  • Chairperson.

  • Child Psychiatry and Human Development
    Dates of Membership: 2011 - Pres.
  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer. Period of Service: 2011 - Pres.

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)-Wisconsin
    Dates of Membership: 2008 - 2010
    Accomplishments: Chair of Education Sub-Committee.
  • Board Member. Period of Service: 2008 - Pres.

  • Journal of Counseling Psychology
    Dates of Membership: 2007 - Pres.
  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer. Period of Service: 2007 - Pres.

  • Child Development Journal
    Dates of Membership: 2005 - Pres.
  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer. Period of Service: 2005 - Pres.

  • School Psychology Quarterly Journal
    Dates of Membership: 2001 - 2002
  • Editorial Board Student Member. Period of Service: 2001 - 2002

Awards and Honors

  • Other
    Organization: Other
    Purpose: Scholarship/Research
    Scope: Other University
    Description: University of Wisconsin System Award
    Date(s): June 2013 - June 2014
  • Other
    Organization: Other
    Purpose: Scholarship/Research
    Scope: UW Madison
    Date(s): June 2013 - June 2014
  • Other
    Organization: Other
    Purpose: Scholarship/Research
    Scope: School of Education
    Date(s): April 2013 - April 2014


  • National Alliance on Mental Illness- Wisconsin (NAMI)
    Position Held: Board Member, Scope of Organization: State, Membership Period: 2009 - 2011
  • Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)
    Scope of Organization: National, Member Since: 2004
  • Society for Prevention Research
    Membership Period: December 2004 - December 2011
  • American Psychological Association (Divs. 17, 37, 43, 45) (APA)
    Position Held: Member and Chair, Committee on Children, Youth and Families, Scope of Organization: National, Member Since: 1999
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