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Main Office

Department of
Counseling Psychology

School of Education
335 Education Building
1000 Bascom Mall
MadisonWI  53706-1326

Tel: 608/262-4807
Fax: 608/265-3347

Email: counpsych@education.wisc.edu
or by contact form
The Department of Counseling Psychology offers a PhD program in Counseling Psychology that is accredited by the American Psychological Association and an MS program in Counseling that meets licensure requirements in the state of Wisconsin. Starting in fall 2019, we will collaborate, along with two other health-area departments in the School of Education, in a new undergraduate major in Health Promotion and Health Equity. (The HPHE major will be housed in the Department of Kinesiology.)

CP Faculty


​Congratulations to our May and August 2019 Graduates!



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The Counseling Psychology Training Clinic (CPTC)
was awarded the 2018 Association of Psychology Training Clinics Clinic Innovations Award. The award is given annually to recognize innovation in psychology training clinics and/or competency-training more broadly. Dr. Stephanie Graham, Clinical Associate Professor and the Director of the CPTC, accepted the award at the APTC Annual Meeting in March 2018. The CPTC was recognized for its partnership with the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement to increase access to culturally-responsive psychological services for underrepresented students at UW-Madison. The 4-year partnership included funding for two CP graduate student clinicians who provided direct mental health support services to DDEEA students at the CPTC as well as support services such as workshops and consultation.  Read more about ​the award here.

Graham Award

CP Stance on Campus Hate/Bias Incidents -
Faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Counseling Psychology work hard to create a diverse and inclusive learning community with an emphasis on training culturally competent practitioners at the Master’s and doctoral levels.  We have been distressed to witness the escalation of hate/bias-driven speech and actions, both nationally and here at UW.  We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion in the department and the university, and to a vision of education that includes affirmation and openness to the breadth of human diversity.  We endorse the following statements, on creating an inclusive campus climate:

Open Letter from the CP Department
Moving Forward Together - SoE Stand and Plan Against Hate and Bias

APA-Accredited Internship Placements
for 201​9-2020

​Ivan Cabrera

​​Univ of Southern California Counseling Center, Los Angeles, CA

Mun Yuk Chin
Univ of Utah Counseling Center, Salt Lake City, UT

​​​Pa Her

Univ of Minnesota Counseling Center, Minneapolis, MN

​Tiffany Jones
Duke University Counseling Center, Durham, NC

​Molly Kring

VA Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI

Laura Minero Meza
Univ of California at Los Angeles, Semel Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Orovecz
​​California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

“The Great Psychotherapy Debate:
The Evidence for What Makes Psychotherapy Work” 

“The Great Psychotherapy Debate: The Evidence for What Makes Psychotherapy Work,” has been updated and revised to expand the presentation of the Contextual Model, which is derived from a scientific understanding of how humans heal in a social context and explains findings from a vast array of psychotherapies studies.

Read More about The Great Psychotherapy Debate


The CP Training Clinic seeks to offer high-quality, cost- efficient, and multiculturally competent psychological and mental health services, including counseling and psychological assessment, to students and residents of Madison and the surrounding areas.

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