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Clinic and Outreach

Although our department’s core mission is to train psychologists and community mental health counselors, we recognize it’s imperative to also prepare high-quality scholars and practitioners to be effective and inclusive leaders. We achieve this through exceptional outreach service and teaching and our award-winning training clinic.

UW–Madison Counseling Psychology Training Clinic (CPTC)

The CPTC is a training facility administered by the Department of Counseling Psychology seeking to offer high-quality, cost-efficient, and multiculturally competent psychological and mental health services to students and community members.

Counseling Psychology Training Clinic
Rm 312 Educational Sciences
1025 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 265-8779

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Facilitating Career Development (FCD)

Our mission is to offer high quality training and professional development to community members and students in order to advance the career, college and workplace readiness of youth and adults across education, workplace, family, and community settings.

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