20​21-2022 Committee Structure

Department Chairperson Dr. Stephen Quintana
Master’s Committee
Director of Training
Master’s Admissions Chair
Dr. ​​Alberta M. Gloria (fall); Dr. Travis Wright (spring)
Dr. Alberta M. Gloria
Dr. Corissa Lotta
Dr. ​Pa Her
Doctoral Committee
Director of Training
Doctoral Admissions Chair
​Dr. Stephanie Graham
Dr. ​Stephanie Budge
Dr. Nickolas Frost
Salary and Promotion Committee
Salary & Promotions Dr. ​​​Mindi Thompson
Dr. Stephanie Budge
Other Representation
Field Placement (Master’s and Doctoral) ​Andrea​ Burdick
Alumni Relations Dr. Stephen Quintana
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee Dr. Alberta M. Gloria
​CPTC Steering and Research Committee Dr. ​Stephen Quintana
Dr. Mindi Thompson
Dr. Nickolas Frost
Dr. Stephanie Graham
Harassment/AARC Dr. Stephanie Graham
Dr. Mindi Thompson
Faculty Senate Dr. Stephanie Budge (fall); Dr. Simon Goldberg (spring)
Cohort Faculty Liaison Dr. Stephen Quintana