Summer Institute Agenda

Institute #1  Using Genograms as a Tool to Understand Family Histories and Career Development

Genograms are a visual way of exploring family history and relationships, which can be closely tied to career development.  Whether your clients /students hope to follow in the footsteps of their relatives or forge a new path, career genograms serve as a valuable assessment tool.  Using the career histories and stories of famous families and our own families, we will discuss the intersection between work and family.  We will also talk about when to and when not to use genograms.  Finally, we will explore when a non-linear genogram can enhance career discussions bringing in chosen family members and significant individuals to their career development.

Institute #2  Coaching to Navigate the Future:  AI, Employment Trends, and the Experience of Recent Job Seekers

This three-part institute will focus on key concepts and skills related to the following topics:

  • How to incorporate artificial intelligence into your practice,
  • Current employment trends and an understanding of what to expect in the future labor market, and
  • Examination of the experiences of today’s job seekers.

These topics are critical to our effectiveness as career service providers.  Our expert presenters will guide us as we look at the latest trends and examine how to bring those ideas into our practice.

Institute #3  Helping Job Seekers Tell Their Stories

Join our expert presenters as we examine the art and science of storytelling and its benefits to job seekers.  From self-discovery to articulation, learn how to enhance your coaching of students and clients in reflecting on their career journey and communicating those valuable insights during the job search. This interactive session will provide participants the opportunity to examine their coaching techniques and practice new approaches to helping students and clients shine as they share their career stories.

Specifically, we will focus on why, what, and how:

  • Why is storytelling so powerful?
  • What techniques can we use to encourage storytelling?
  • How can one translate stories into resumes, cover letters, and interviews?
  • What challenges can you expect when bringing storytelling into your practice and how to address those challenges?

Institute #4  In-Person or Remote…  Building Meaningful Connections with Students and Clients

Now that we are meeting in person once again, we need to re-think how to develop dynamic and successful ways to connect.  Since going remote, many have shared that they have “lost their touch” when conducting in-person meetings, especially with groups.  In this Institute, you will discover strategies to keep your audience engaged either during in-person or virtual meetings.  The session speakers who have strong backgrounds in coaching, teaching/and learning, and theatre will provide expertise and resources that will encourage you to rediscover and reinvigorate old skills and new.