Alberta M. Gloria


(608) 262-2669

325 Education Building

1000 Bascom Mall

Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1398

Gloria, Alberta M.


  • BA Psychology, University of Oklahoma,
  • MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga,
  • PhD Counseling Psychology, Arizona State University,
  • Counseling Psychology, University of California-Irvine Counseling Center,

Select Publications

  • Gloria, A. M., Castellanos, J., Delgado-Guerrero, M., Salazar, A., Nieves, C., Mejia, A., & Martinez, V. (2016). El ojo en la meta: Latino male undergraduates’ educational experiences, coping, and use of spirituality. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Castellanos, J., Gloria, A. M., Besson, D., & Clark Harvey, L. (2016). Mentoring matters: Racial and ethnic minority undergraduates cultural fit, mentorship, and college and life satisfaction. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 46(2), 81-98. Philadelphia, PA: Taylor & Francis.
  • Lin, M. M., Her, P., & Gloria, A. M. (2015). Kawm ntawv siab: Understanding the psychosociocultural educational experiences of Hmong American undergraduates. Journal of South East Asian American Educational Advancement Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Gloria, A. M., Castellanos, J., & Herrera, N. (2015). The reliability and validity of the Cultural Congruity and University Environment Scales with Chicana/o community college students. Community College Journal Reserach and Practice Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Delgado-Guerrero, M., Cherniack, M., & Gloria, A. M. (2014). Family away from home: Factors influencing undergraduate women of color’s decisions to join a cultural-specific sorority. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 7, 45-57.
  • Castellanos, J., Gloria, A. M., Cho Kim, S., & Park, Y. S. (2014). Gender and generational differences in the expression of depressive sympomatology in Korean American undergraduates. Journal of College Counseling, 17, 208-221.
  • Aguinaga, A., & Gloria, A. M. (2014). The effects of generational status and university environment for Latina/o undergraduates’ persistence decisions. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education
  • Delgado-Guerrero, M., & Gloria, A. M. (2013). La importancia de la hermandad Latina: Examining the psychosociocultural influences of Latina-based sororities on academic persistence decisions. Journal of College Student Development, 54(4), 361-389.
  • Gloria, A. M., & Castellanos, J. (2013). Realidades culturales y identidades dimensionadas: The complexities of Latina diversities. In C. Enns & E. Williams (Eds.), Handbook of Feminist Multicultural Counseling Psychology (pp. 169-182). NYC, NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Castellanos, J., Gloria, A. M., Herrera, N., Kanagui-Muñoz, M., & Flores, C. (2013). ¡Apoyamos la educación de nuestros hija/os!: How Mexican parents’ college knowledge, perceptions, and concerns effect their parental support of their child.. The Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies, 5(2), 85-98.