Preliminary Examination Dates

The doctoral preliminary examination includes three components, all of which include both written and oral presentations.  The clinical case study is an in-depth reflection on a single counseling case, and serves as an exemplar of clinical competencies in the role of counselor.  The supervision case study is an in-depth reflection on a relationship with one supervisee, and serves as an exemplar of clinical competencies in the role of supervisor.  The dissertation proposal includes a literature review and method section for a proposed dissertation project, and serves as an exemplar of academic and scientific proficiency.

The Doctoral Training Committee has created a rubric for scheduling administrations of the clinical case study and the supervision case study (Preliminary Examination Parts 1 and 2).

Both Preliminary Exams will typically be administered on Monday (clinical) and Tuesday (supervision) of final exams week during the spring and fall semester, unless changed by faculty vote. The following is the exam schedule through Spring 202​3.

Semester Clinical Prelim Exam Supervision Prelim Exam Spring Commencement /
Fall Graduation Date
Fall 2022 Monday, Dec 19 Tuesday, Dec 20 Sunday, Dec 18
Spring 2023 Monday, May 8 ​Tuesday, May 9 ​Friday, May 12
Fall 2023 Monday, Dec 18 Tuesday, Dec 19 Sunday, Dec 17
Spring 2024 Monday, May 6 Tuesday, May 7 Friday, May 10
Fall 2024 Monday, Dec 16 Tuesday, Dec 17 Sunday, Dec 15
Spring 2025 Monday, May 5 Tuesday, May 6 Friday, May 9

Dissertation proposal meetings are scheduled on an individual basis. At least 4 weeks before your planned proposal date, contact the department’s ​Student Services Coordinator (​SSC), and complete the Dissertation Proposal Defense Request Form. This form requires your advisor’s signature, certifying his or her approval of your proposal document. This form provides the ​SSC with the information needed to obtain your Preliminary Warrant from the Graduate School. In addition, it provides a list of committee members and possible proposal dates, which the ​SSC will use to coordinate your proposal meeting.