Student Awards and Honors

Annually, the Department of Counseling Psychology offers three prestigious awards to students who have excelled in areas supported by the department. Congratulations to our award winners from the last several years!

R. Wray Strowig Award

The R. Wray Strowig Award is presented to a student who has excelled in teaching and service.

2022 Recipients: Jessica Cozart and Anna Pederson
2021 Recipient: Anna Fetter
2020 Recipient: Alayna Oby
2019 Recipient: Joe Orovecz
2018 Recipient: Tyson Pankey
2017 Recipient: Alyssa Ramirez Stege
2016 Recipient: Abigail Lindemann
2015 Recipient: Nickolas Frost
2014 Recipient: Aaronson Chew

John W. M. Rothney Award

The John W. M. Rothney Award is presented to a student who has produced exceptional research over the past year.

2022 Recipient: Zubin DeVitre
2021 Recipient: Jessica Perez-Chavez
2020 Recipient: Morgan Sinnard
2019 Recipient: Mun Yuk Chin
2018 Recipient: Dustin Brockberg
2017 Recipient: Pa Her
2016 Recipient: Shufang Sun
2015 Recipient: Simon Goldberg
2014 Recipients: Martin Kivlighan and Rachel Nitzarim

Patricia Wolleat Award

The Patricia Wolleat Award is presented to a student who has excelled in teaching and professional service.

2022 Recipient: Daniela Robledo
2021 Recipient: Natalie Rivera
2020 Recipient: Cynthia Smith
2019 Recipient: Rachel Dyer
2018 Recipient: Sidra Dillard
2017 Recipients: Kyira Hauer and Johnathan Martinez
2016 Recipients: Mary Dueñas and Shawn Harris
2015 Recipient: Steve Pereira
2014 Recipient: Mayra Rodriguez