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Professional Development: Institutes

Career Training Development offers a number of opportunities for professional development for career specialists, career counselors, job center staff, educators, and others interested in education and work issues.

Summer Institute

This annual summer event provides expert training and networking opportunities for career development facilitators, career counselors, career specialists, advisors, coaches, and virtually anyone involved in career development and workforce readiness.

The agenda provides ample time for formal and informal networking with instructors and participants. Whether you serve as a K-12 educator, a higher education professional, or as a professional in the community, these Institutes will provide ideas for working with students and clients on a wide variety of issues. In addition, by attending, you can receive professional development hours that will count towards the renewal of your certifications. We will be delivering all Institutes remotely. We will send video conferencing information at a later date.

Summer Institutes 2023 are scheduled for July 13-14.

*Registration Closed*

Questions?  Contact Judy Ettinger at (608)225-0175.

Institute #1.  Coaching in the “F Zone”:  Staying out of the Fight, Flight, Freeze, Frustrated, or Fear Zone.  July 13 9:00am-Noon CST

When we are in a “fight or flight” state of mind, chemicals in the brain produce hormones that cause people to become less productive, decrease their engagement, and act out of fear or defensiveness.  During this Institute, participants will learn how to stay in a positive mindset to effectively and consistently help clients and students.  Learn about the neuroscience behind what’s happening in the brain, tools to set you up for success, and opportunities to practice the techniques that will return you to your comfort zone.

Institute #2.  The Art and Science of Positive Psychology and Human Flourishing  July 13  1:00-4:00p, CST

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing and includes practical methods for achieving optimal functioning. The Movement studies strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities, and organizations to thrive. Focusing on what is going right instead of what is wrong, it’s approach is strengths-based. The presenters will talk about Martin Seligman and the Positive Psychology Movement. The Movement’s tenants of flourishing, authentic happiness and learned optimism will be explored. Strategies grounded in Positive Psychology use strengths to address barriers, to connect with nature, and to practice mindfulness and meditation. Participants will also hear about a Consuming Happiness course, which successfully delivers ideas about happiness and flourishing to students and clients.

Institute #3.  Integrative Life Planning, A Holistic Approach: Honoring the Work of Sunny Hansen:  July 14 9:00am-Noon CST

The Integrative Life Planning theory (ILP) was developed in 1990’s as a framework to support individuals as they examine various aspects of their lives.  The holistic approach is very relevant to the work that we are doing today in career services.  Those who attend this Institute will first learn about the ILP theory and then we will work together to develop ways to assess the life tasks included in the framework.  Those tasks include:

·       finding work that needs doing in changing global contexts,

·       attending to our health (physical, mental, and emotional),

·       connecting family and work,

·       valuing pluralism and inclusivity,

·       exploring one’s life purpose, and

·       managing personal transitions and organizational change.

Institute #4.  A Thoughtful Examination of Employability Issues in 2023  July 14 1:00-4:00pm CST

Most of us are confident about coaching clients and students in the job search process. As practitioners, we know there will be changes to and challenges in the labor market. In the past, we could rest assured that economists and labor market specialists would direct us, so we could assist students and clients. The stability of using such information has changed and continues to change more rapidly than ever. New terms such as “quiet quitting,” “quiet hiring,” ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, applicant tracking systems, etc. abound.  Workplace rules have also changed.  In addition, we hear about a lack of engagement, especially on the part of younger people in the workplace.

What do we as career services professionals need to know about these changes and how can we continue to keep up with the continuing changes?  Presenters will speak about those issues and strategies we can use to keep us informed in 2023.

Presenters include (subject to change):  Ellen Bartkowiak, Beth Dolder Zieke, Dorothy Farrar Edwards, Judy Ettinger, Julie Hau Beth Karabin, April McHugh, David Reile, Jenjee Sengkhammee, Barbara Hilton Suddarth, Selena Webb-Ebo, and Christine Whelan.

The registration fee for each Institute is $65.