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Professional Development: Institutes

Career Training Development offers a number of opportunities for professional development for career specialists, career counselors, job center staff, educators, and others interested in education and work issues.

Summer Institute

This annual summer event provides expert training and networking opportunities for career development facilitators, career counselors, career specialists, advisors, coaches, and virtually anyone involved in career development and workforce readiness.

The agenda provides ample time for formal and informal networking with instructors and participants. Whether you serve as a K-12 educator, a higher education professional, or as a professional in the community, these Institutes will provide ideas for working with students and clients on a wide variety of issues. In addition, by attending, you can receive professional development hours that will count towards the renewal of your certifications. We will be delivering all Institutes remotely. We will send video conferencing information at a later date.

Summer Institutes 2024 are scheduled for July 18-19.

Registration is Open

Questions?  Contact Judy Ettinger at (608)225-0175.

Summer Institute Agenda

The registration fee for each Institute is $65.